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Clock Restoration


So many times people come into a clock that was handed down through the family, but has been ravaged by time while sitting in an attic or barn. All is not lost. There are methods to return these clocks back into their original beauty and still maintain the patina and charm that they come with.

I have the ability to repair this damage and bring the beauty of the clock back. I use original materials as much as possible, even to the extent of making my own shellac as it was made 200 years ago. I also use the same original processes for gilding and bronzing.

The first step in the restoration process is for you and I to agree on a plan for the work to be completed. This is to assure that you get exactly what you want with no surprises. I will work to bring your clock back as close as possible to its original beauty.

I invite you to contact me to discuss the possibilities for your clock.

Here is one example of a clock I restored.

Before restoration front view

Photo 1 before restoration front view

Before restoration top view
Photo 2 before restoration top view

Before restoration detail view
Photo 3 before restoration detail view

After restoration front view
Photo 1 after restoration front view

After restoration side view
Photo 2 after restoration top view